Isn’t it time your cocktail caught up with you? We think so.

Introducing elevated cocktails…

We handpicked ingredients to make delicious & effervescent kombucha. Then we delicately married them together with premium spirits to give you a true, ready-to-drink quality cocktail in a can.

Kombucha Cocktails is a culminating work of genius.

KOMBUCHA COCKTAILS happened when four friends with a passion for craft spirits decided to throw some ginger kombucha into a classic Moscow Mule.

That was the lightning bolt moment. Finally, a refreshing and easy to drink cocktail you can enjoy without disrupting the balance of living your best life.

This moment is yours… drink it wisely.

kombucha cocktails ready to drink alcohol

Wherever life takes you…

Our journeys are uniquely alive and different, just like every batch of Kombucha we bring to life. We’re excited to share our adventure of creating KOMBUCHA COCKTAILS™ with you.

Sunshine state of mind. Kombucha way of life.

What is in our cocktails?

The Process

We’ve partnered with the best mixologists to ensure our canned cocktails taste as good, if not better, than those they craft at the bar.

Thats’ right.  We’re not a malt based product or hard kombucha … we’re better!

Goodbye artificial aftertaste, hello real fruit flavors. It’s a difference you can taste.

Our mixologists have packaged up that perfect cocktail you love into a can you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.