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Beach Town

Best Beach Towns From Coast To Coast

Living your best life is better done in the sun… Consider this your sign to book a trip to the beach! We put together a list of our favorite spots from coast to coast. All you have to do is pack your sunscreen and grab a case of cold, ready-to-drink Kombucha Cocktails!

Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara is a seaside escape on the California coast. It’s a great spot to find an array of outdoor activities, vineyards and top-notch dining. However, it’s the not-to-be-missed beaches and surf-friendly waves that make Santa Barbara an iconic beach town.

While you’re here, catch the sunset at Butterfly Beach. It’s west-facing views make it the most beautiful spot to end the day.

Hilton Head Island, SC

Hilton Head Island has over 12 miles of accessible, public beaches along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Recognized as one of the best family beach vacation destinations in the United States, there is something for everyone on Hilton Head Island.

While undoubtedly a great spot for outdoor activities, true low-country life is about relaxation. Enjoy bike rides. Indulge in fresh seafood. And finally, unwind with your favorite cocktail (we’ll let you guess our’s.)

Ocean City, MD

From a classic 1902 ferris wheel with incredible views, to over 10 miles of warm, sunny beach, Ocean City is a staple for beach vacations. Fishing, watertours and shopping are just a few things on the long list of things-to-do in Ocean City.

Spend your day in the sun, and your night strolling the boardwalk, to find some of the best beaches, thrills and food that the East Coast has to offer.

Capitola, CA

This quaint, oceansize town is California’s first ever beach-resort, and perhaps the nation’s most eclectic. Located in Santa Cruz, Capitola is decorated with brightly-colored shops, painted murals and glittering beaches.

Sight-seeing isn’t the only must-do thing in Capitola. Head to the water for boogie boarding, fishing and lounging at the beach.

Sanibel Island, FL

Known for its sunsets and seafood, and most importantly, its seashells… Sanibel Island is a “must” when it comes to beach vacations. Seashells and sand fill the glorious beaches of the island, so much so that “shelling” is the island’s most popular activity.

By the end of your trip, you’ll have a collection of sparkling seashells and have perfected the “Sanibel Stoop” (the classic, full-body bend that’s a sheller’s go-to stance.)

Saugatuck, MI

The best beaches don’t have to be on the ocean. When it comes to having great beaches, Saugatuck is the best of the Midwest, and Top 25 in the World according to Condé Nast Traveler. Just a short 2-hour drive from Chicago, this laid-back coastal town is celebrated for its restaurants and galleries just as much as its beaches.

Indulge in a weekend of wine tastings, or BYOB (in our case we’ll BYOKC.. Bring Your Own Kombucha Cocktails) and experience Saugatuck from a sailing cruise on Lake Michigan.

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