Why Kombucha Is The Perfect Pairing For Cocktails

Happy summer, everyone! We hope you’re all enjoying the warm weather and spending time with friends. As we get further into the summer season, we wanted to share a chill way (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) to beat the heat and have some fun – by enjoying Kombucha Cocktails!

Kombucha is lightly carbonated, has a slightly fruity taste, and is low in alcohol which makes it the perfect base for all kinds of cocktails. Plus, kombucha is a great source of probiotics, which makes it a great choice for a healthier happy hour.

Let’s take a look at two amazing Kombucha Cocktails that will take your summer fun to the next level. Cheers!

Sunshine State – 4.7 ABV

Vodka, kombucha, mango, key lime

Slightly fruity, perfectly refreshing.

A delicious cocktail with a hint of vacation in every sip. For those who are looking to be in a ‘sunshine state-of-mind’ all summer long, Kombucha Cocktails Sunshine State™ is not to be missed. Sunshine State™ infuses kombucha, mango, and key lime with a premium distilled vodka for a conveniently-canned taste of summer.

Mindful Mule – 4.7 ABV

Vodka, kombucha, ginger, lime

A thoughtful twist on a classic cocktail.

A great-tasting, less-guilty version of the Moscow Mule. Our rendition starts with premium vodka and kombucha, then gently layers in the expected ginger and lime undertones that have made the Mule a modern-day classic. By swapping out the high-calorie, high-sugar ginger beer mixer for effervescent kombucha, we’ve created a cocktail that you can enjoy without disrupting the balance of living your best life.

With the warmer weather (finally) upon us, it’s time to break out the drinks that scream summer. These award-winning cocktails are perfect for sipping on your porch or by the pool with friends. So if you’re looking for a refreshing drink to enjoy this season, don’t forget to stock up on Kombucha Cocktails.

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Kombucha Is Sustainable!

Since you’re reading this…we already know you’re mindful about what you put into your body and what you put out into the universe. So, it’s safe to say that you can keep your chakras aligned.

As you’re living your best life and enjoying our naturally crafted Kombucha Cocktails, know that our drinks are crafted with a conscience. Kombucha Cocktails are environmentally friendly and sustainably created.

Studies have proven that the process of creating Kombucha is environmentally safe and extremely low impact. The fermentation process that turns tea and sugar into organic Kombucha is 100% natural and even sustainable when made on a large scale.

Mixed with our premium spirits, this organic combination of our Kombucha Cocktails is all natural and nothing is compromised, no matter what.

Here at Kombucha Cocktails, our all-natural ingredients are sustainably harvested and married together to create a drink that is not only delicious, but kind to our planet.

Our 12-ounce cans also are 100 percent recyclable, so don’t forget to do your part and recycle after you enjoy our beverages.

An empty can, equals a full heart!

The Kombucha Creation Process

To create the irresistible Kombucha you’re tasting in our handcrafted cocktails, we start with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, also known as a SCOBY!

Next up, we introduce the SCOBY to some of the finest tea and sugar available, and we let the magic happen.

We leave our new friends alone to get to know each other and as nature takes its course, the fermentation process takes place.

The Kombucha fermentation process can vary and is dependent upon how long you let the Kombucha ferment, the fizzy elixir comes to life and can taste anywhere from sweet to vinegary.

We think our Kombucha has the perfect flavor profile. Pairing it with our premium spirits is how we elevate it, but we are biased! We’ll leave it up to you to judge.

After our lengthy, double fermentation process, our carefully crafted, effervescent Kombucha is born, and then paired perfectly with our spirits for an elevated, health-conscious drink.

That’s it – no artificial ingredients…nothing but all natural Kombucha paired with our premium spirits.

The complex made simple!

The History Behind Kombucha

You know our effervescent, organic Kombucha mixes with our premium spirits for the perfect tasting, health-conscious cocktail…but where did it come from?

Believe it or not, the staple in our modern cocktail’s origins date back to about 220 B.C.E

It has been written in history that ancient Chinese civilizations revered Kombucha for its healing properties. It has also been documented that idolized emperors of Japan downed the fermented tea with vigor because they believed it to be a cure-all for any ailment.

Unfortunately, America didn’t jump on the Kombucha bandwagon until centuries later. It first appeared in the 1990s, when it was distributed solely by grassroots groups who vibed with its healthy properties and probiotic punch!

Eventually the buzz around the beverage became so great it made it to the mainstream. Kombucha started making its way into health food stores, boutique restaurants and the final pinnacle of mainstream acceptance, your local grocery store and market.

Luckily, we’re bringing the perfect alchemy of all-natural effervescent Kombucha and premium spirits into wide distribution with our Kombucha Cocktails for you to enjoy, anytime and anywhere!
Who said history was boring…?

What Is Kombucha Culture?

We wish the answer was simple, but the fact remains that Kombucha Culture can be as simple or as complicated as you make it! Kombucha Culture is about embracing what makes you…you, and deliberately moving forward in the world with that thought in mind.

We are all on this journey together, but we are on separate paths. You can choose to take the road less traveled or you can choose to take the road many have walked down before you. The great part is that Kombucha Culture condones both, if you remain true to yourself and true to the world around you.

Kombucha is a very complex combination of live cultures and non-living ingredients. When brought together, this makes an amazing superfood that can be thought of and enjoyed in a very simple manner.

Kombucha Culture embodies all that makes us unique and how we use those differences as strengths to make a positive impact on the world and those around you. We are independent by nature, but the synergies we create when we come together are stronger than we could ever imagine.
This moment is yours! Drink it in…