Kombucha Is The Perfect Pairing For Cocktails

Happy summer, everyone! We hope you’re all enjoying the warm weather and spending time with friends. As we get further into the summer season, we wanted to share a chill way (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) to beat the heat and have some fun – by enjoying Kombucha Cocktails!

Kombucha is lightly carbonated, has a slightly fruity taste, and is low in alcohol which makes it the perfect base for all kinds of cocktails. Plus, kombucha is a great source of probiotics, which makes it a great choice for a healthier happy hour.

Let’s take a look at two amazing Kombucha Cocktails that will take your summer fun to the next level. Cheers!

Sunshine State – 4.7 ABV

Vodka, kombucha, mango, key lime

Slightly fruity, perfectly refreshing.

A delicious cocktail with a hint of vacation in every sip. For those who are looking to be in a ‘sunshine state-of-mind’ all summer long, Kombucha Cocktails Sunshine State™ is not to be missed. Sunshine State™ infuses kombucha, mango, and key lime with a premium distilled vodka for a conveniently-canned taste of summer.

Mindful Mule – 4.7 ABV

Vodka, kombucha, ginger, lime

A thoughtful twist on a classic cocktail.

A great-tasting, less-guilty version of the Moscow Mule. Our rendition starts with premium vodka and kombucha, then gently layers in the expected ginger and lime undertones that have made the Mule a modern-day classic. By swapping out the high-calorie, high-sugar ginger beer mixer for effervescent kombucha, we’ve created a cocktail that you can enjoy without disrupting the balance of living your best life.

With the warmer weather (finally) upon us, it’s time to break out the drinks that scream summer. These award-winning cocktails are perfect for sipping on your porch or by the pool with friends. So if you’re looking for a refreshing drink to enjoy this season, don’t forget to stock up on Kombucha Cocktails.

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buy kombucha cocktails sunshine state 4 pack of canned kombucha


buy kombucha cocktails sunshine state 4 pack of canned kombucha

Mindful Mule – 4 Cans

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