A Mindful Beverage

Introducing a ready to drink alternative to the classic cocktail made with a conscience. Kombucha Cocktails were crafted and created with a focus on using natural ingredients that are sustainably harvested and married together to create a drink that is not only delicious, but environmentally friendly as well. Remember this moment is yours, drink it in wisely and recycle.

A Little History
And A big Idea

We would love to claim that we created Kombucha, but that is simply not the case. Mother nature created it and we just helped to make it better. Kombucha arrived on the scene around 200 B.C.E and has been with us ever since.

Referred to as “the elixir of life”, a combination of tea and fermentation evolved to create this effervescent drink that is said to have healing properties.

One night over cocktails, a few friends decided to combine Kombucha with their premium spirits and Kombucha Cocktails were created. The flavor of the slightly bubbly kombucha, married with premium spirits, was undeniably delicious and simply put…just made it better!  

Enjoy It Anywhere

A delicious ready-to-drink cocktail in the convenience of a can. Kombucha Cocktails are made with premium spirits combined with effervescent Kombucha, and are conveniently packaged and ready to roll with your active lifestyle. Our 12oz cans are perfect for packing up your favorite flavors so you can conveniently and responsibly enjoy them!



Made With Clean, Premium Ingredients

Kombucha Cocktails are extremely unique because they are blended with premium spirits and not fermented together. This is not a hard Kombucha, this is a premium cocktail in the convivence of a can.

We handpicked non-artificial ingredients to make a delicious, slightly effervescent, gluten-free kombucha and delicately married them together to give you a true, ready-to-drink cocktail. 

Enjoy Responsibly, Wherever Life Takes You...

Wherever life takes you…Kombucha Cocktails are perfect for adventure and we want to see responsibly sharing yours!

Our journeys are uniquely alive and different, just like every batch of Kombucha we bring to life. Kombucha culture is about connectedness and sharing our personal journey with others. Share your view of the world through your eyes and share your unique adventure!


Distilled and Packaged
in the USA

Kombucha Cocktails are blended, packaged and shipped in the USA

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an elevated, better tasting twist on the classic cocktail