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Mindful Mule (4 Cans)

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About This Product
Vodka, Kombucha, Ginger, Lime

Our rendition of the Moscow Mule starts with premium vodka and kombucha, then gently layers in the expected ginger and lime undertones that have made the Mule a modern-day classic! Swapping out the high calorie, high sugar ginger beer mixer for effervescent kombucha makes a great tasting version of this easy drinking cocktail.

This moment is yours. Drink it wisely.

4.7% ALC/VOL
About Us

Kombucha Cocktails contain premium craft spirits and quality ingredients so you have a cocktail that tastes great. You’re a responsible, exercising, bill-paying standup person who just wants to enjoy life… even after a drink (or two). Isn’t it time your cocktail caught up with you? We think so.

  • Premium Spirits
  • Ready-to-drink
  • Gluten Free
  • No Artificial Ingredients

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