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Scoby with Kombucha tea popular fermented healthy drink natural high probiotics.

The History Behind Kombucha

You know our effervescent, organic Kombucha mixes with our premium spirits for the perfect tasting, health-conscious cocktail…but where did it come from?

Believe it or not, the staple in our modern cocktail’s origins date back to about 220 B.C.E

It has been written in history that ancient Chinese civilizations revered Kombucha for its healing properties. It has also been documented that idolized emperors of Japan downed the fermented tea with vigor because they believed it to be a cure-all for any ailment.

Unfortunately, America didn’t jump on the Kombucha bandwagon until centuries later. It first appeared in the 1990s, when it was distributed solely by grassroots groups who vibed with its healthy properties and probiotic punch!

Eventually the buzz around the beverage became so great it made it to the mainstream. Kombucha started making its way into health food stores, boutique restaurants and the final pinnacle of mainstream acceptance, your local grocery store and market.

Luckily, we’re bringing the perfect alchemy of all-natural effervescent Kombucha and premium spirits into wide distribution with our Kombucha Cocktails for you to enjoy, anytime and anywhere!
Who said history was boring…?

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